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Adapted using unique muscle intelligence technology, Compex stimulators are built to help aid recovery, prevent injury, treat pain and to improve and develop your overall performance.

As you scan and then adjust stimulation parameters, the Compex SP-2.0 provides effective electro-stimulation that will tone your muscles, sculpt your body and allow you to recover faster from training.

Who should you use the Compex SP 2.0?

  • Functional Fitness, Cross Training Athletes, Olympic Weightlifters & Power Lifters
  • Athletes Training a minimum of 1-2 times per week

When do you use the Compex SP 2.0?

  • Pre / During / Post Workout
  • During recovery from injury

What are the key uses of the Compex SP 2.0?

  • Targeted Muscle Stimulation
  • Resistance
  • Massage and Oxygenation
  • Treat Muscle Strain and Provide Pain Relief
  • Toning, Firming and Shaping
  • Body Building and Increase Strength
How does the Compex SP 2.0 work?
    • With its compact design and attractive features the Compex SP 2.0 is an intelligent way to alleviate the stresses and strains put upon your body during and after your workout.
    • By placing the electrodes onto the muscles you want to stimulate and selecting the program you want to use, you can manage pain, recovery and conditioning at the touch of a button.

    What programs are featured on the Compex SP 2.0?

    With 4 individual program categories - Conditioning, Pain management, Recovery / Massage and Fitness - you can be strategic in the planning of your training regime.

    • Conditioning - Endurance. Strength. Muscle building. Warm-up. Capillarisation. Resistance. Explosive Strength.

    • Pain management - Pain management TENS. Muscle pain. Back pain. Heavy legs. Reduce muscle tension. Cramp prevention.

    • Recovery / Massage - Reduce muscle soreness. Relaxing massage. Training recovery.

    • Fitness - Shape you buttocks. Firm your stomach and arms. Tone your thighs.

    What is included in the Compex SP 2.0?

    • Compex SP 2.0
    • Soft travel pouch
    • 2 bags of 5x10cm
    • Snap electrodes
    • 2 bags of 5x5cm Snap electrodes.

    How long does it take to charge the battery?

    • Full battery can be charged in <4.5 hours

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