Lazer WASP Air Tri Helmet


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The Wasp Air Tri is a shorter version of the Wasp helmet designed to meet the needs of triathlon riders. Everything about the helmet is shaped around the riderÕs position & finding the maximum aerodynamic gains while being ventilated.
The aerodynamic performance of the Wasp Air is the result of extensive wind tunnels research, scientific insight in aerodynamics & the use of mathematical models that allow Lazer to compute & optimize the shape of the helmet in the virtual environment.
On top of the helmet, there is an Aquaport that allows water to be squirted in the helmet, where it quickly & effectively cools the head. Besides the Aquaport the helmet also has a frontal ventilation grid to draw air into the helmet.
The integrated lens is also an integral part of the helmet & can be moved forward so that air can flow into the helmet when needed. This creates an airflow through the helmet with air passing over the riderÕs head & out the two tail vents. A trip wire on the top of the surface of the Wasp creates micro vortices to assure for a smooth airflow over the tail of the helmet.
The Lazer advanced Turnfit¨ retention system makes sure the helmet is snug & comfortable on the head.
FIT SYSTEM:  ATS Advanced Turnfit System 
WEIGHT: 375 g (S) 

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