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Key Features

1. New ultra-thin laser cut neck panel: Comfort is further maximised with our innovative new 1mm moulded collar which is so soft and light you’ll be questioning whether you even have your wetsuit on! It allows a tighter fit on the body without feeling any discomfort around the neck. As soon as you try this unique design you may never want to wear any other wetsuit again.

2. One-piece shoulder: Ultra-thin one-piece shoulder panel extends from the middle of the chest to the centre of the back, and arm span. This allows for improved chest expansion, enables a higher elbow position in the water, and provides unrestricted range of movement through the stroke.
The focus on ensuring maximum flexibility means you can increase your distance per stroke, conserve energy and minimise the risk of shoulder injuries. This panel is only 1.5mm thick and made with Yamamoto’s premium #40 SCS which is one of the lightest and highest stretch materials available.

3. Sensory Catch Panel: Aeroforce fabric is used on the forearms to give an improved feeling and catch in the water. Rather than a traditional rubber fabric, the Vanquish uses a double layer of high performance, water repellent Lycra-based fabric. This firstly reduces arm fatigue, as there is not as much buoyancy resistance during the catch phases of the stroke, but also allows the swimmer to improve their efficiency in the water. No water can enter the suit but you will feel the coolness of the water on the forearm panel which helps to align your hand and forearm during the stroke to give more propulsion and also a more natural feeling swim.

4. Balanced buoyancy: Super buoyant Yamamoto Aerodome neoprene runs down the core, acting like a roll-bar to help promote the essential torso rotation between each stroke. Aerodome neoprene features air bubbles trapped between the fabric layers producing up to 30% more buoyancy than conventional neoprene.
This is combined with two other materials through the core, each with a thickness of 5mm which is the maximum allowed under ITU and FINA rules. These panels are:
• NBR construction side panels designed to work in unison with the front leg panels. NBR is a super buoyant material which is commonly used in life jackets. This material is sandwiched between two layers of neoprene to ensure maximum lift in the water.
• 39 cell SCS neoprene used on the glutes, again with a 5mm thickness.

5. Innovative Silk-Fit inner lining used on the body and legs to make the suit feel extremely comfortable next to the skin and also make putting the suit on easier than ever before.

6. Aqua dynamic ‘SCS’ Nano coating applied to the neoprene meaning that there is almost no drag through the water.

7. Our trademark Pro Speed CuffsTM on the arms and the legs for rapid removal after the swim to ensure the quickest transitions, saving you vital time on any course.

8. Downwards YKK zipper making the suit easy to put on and take off but also with an upwards breakaway zip design available.
Combining our recognized red cuffs with stylish graphite neoprene on the arms and gold and gunmetal tones for an exclusive look.A suit with the looks to live up to its legendary performance.

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