Avanti Bikes


We’re looking pretty sprightly for a world class cycling business of this vintage.

From the humblest of beginnings, we’ve pioneered and innovated cycling. Asking questions about how and why bikes are built and work, then looking at ways of doing them better. Bike design is constantly improving, with new technologies, componentry and materials appearing on the market every year - the sheer responsiveness of our design team means we are always innovating and pushing the boundaries, making sure we stay out in front. We proudly call this approach ‘Avanti Design Technology’. It’s what the ADT insignia means, it’s what has given us the edge and it’s the reason why we’ve achieved multiple design awards, Olympic medals and, more importantly, a loyal following of bike riders along the way.

We’re proud to be an Australasian based business that creates bikes with the rider’s purpose and enjoyment in mind, to not only exceed expectations but also deliver the best experience possible on two wheels.