Tubolito Tubo Road 700c X 18-32mm Sv 60mm

Product Description
Revolutionise Your Road Cycling with Tubolito Tubo Road Tubes
Introducing the Tubolito Tubo 60mm Presta Black Valve Road Tube – your ultimate road cycling upgrade. Experience the pinnacle of lightweight innovation with this game-changing tube. Crafted for both disc and rim brakes, Tubo-Road effortlessly accommodates tires ranging from 18 to 32 mm width. With almost 70 g saved per wheel compared to standard butyl tubes, the Tubo-Road drastically reduces rotating weight. Puncture protection is unparalleled, offering 2X resistance to flats compared to traditional tubes.

Unleash the Speed
Discover the epitome of lightweight design with the Tubo Road 700C. Saving a remarkable 70 g per tire, this tube redefines speed and agility. Its puncture protection reaches new heights, with double the strength of standard tubes against flats. The Tubolito high-tech Thermoplastic material withstands forces twice as much as regular tubing, ensuring you stay on course without interruption. Assembled with comfort akin to butyl products, this tube also pairs perfectly with puncture sealants for added resistance.

  • Lightweight design reduces rotating mass by up to 70g
  • Double strength compared to standard butyl tubes
  • Suitable for both rim and disc brakes
  • Accommodates road tires with 18mm to 32mm width
  • High-tech Thermoplastic material for exceptional durability
  • Black valve stem model
Technical Specifications
  • Valve Type: Presta
  • Valve Length: 60mm / 80mm
  • Wheel Size: 700c
  • Tyre Width: 18 - 32 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 38g 60mm / 40g 80mm
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